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Smart Ice Blue Facial

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7 in 1 Ice Blue RF Hydro Oxygen Jet Water Peeling Facial Machine.

* Skin Analysis with print off off for you to keep (Panoramic analysis of skin problems)

* High Frequency (Eliminates Dead Skin, blackheads and acne)

* Ultrasonic (High frequency import, fast absorption)

* Ice Cold Pen (Replenish Water, smoothes and repairs skin)

* Ion Spray Pen (Replenish es skin with moisture, nutrients

* Gold Redio Frequency (Stimulates collagen production, tightens skin

* Hydra Peel (Deep Cleaning Skin and pores

As most of my clients know I'm always looking at furthering my treatments, last year at Manchester beauty I looked into lots of new machines, and is definitely the one I've been looking at.

So excited to be offering this amazing facial treatment. Taking bookings now for appointments in December.


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